San Biagio Platani: The Easter Arches
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Agrigento... not only Valley

One of the oldest, most authentic and scenic events celebrating Easter in Sicily takes place in San Biagio Platani.

The event is an exciting competition between two organizations, the “Madunnara” (those devoted to representing the Virgin Mary) and the “Signurara” (devoted to representing Jesus). The groups challenge each other to best represent their organization’s symbols with ornate arches and bread sculptures that decorate the town’s main street for Easter and the following days. During this time, San Biagio Platani becomes a warmly decorated village, welcoming visitors from all over the world with the beautiful craftsmanship and grand scale of sculptures fashioned from bread and local products. On Easter, the event culminates with statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus meeting in front of the town’s Cathedral. The arches and exhibitions remain visible after Easter for a few weeks.


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