Agrigento: Festival of San Calogero
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Agrigento... not only Valley

The Festival of San Calogero is celebrated from the first to the second week of July with seven days of joyful devotion and solemn celebration in honor of the black co-Patron Saint of Agrigento.

The history of San Calogero dates back to the 4th - 5th Centuries. The saint escaped the persecutions that were decimating the Christian churches of North Africa, whose followers took refuge in Sicily, in particular in Agrigento where he stayed for a long time. His talents for miracles soon made him the most beloved holy person in the territory of Agrigento. The festival is characterized by a procession of a statue of the saint, accompanied by a loud band of drums (tammurinara), through the historic center of the city.
During the procession the people from Agrigento, re-enact the historic episode in which the population gave bread to the saint who took care of the sick. Today delicious pieces of bread smelling of sesame seeds and fennel made especially for the festival are launched from neighborhood balconies in honour of the saint. The vibrant celebration, with parades, bands, concerts and exhibitions culminates in a solemn procession on Sunday evening followed by spectacular fireworks.


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