Archaeological Regional Museum of Agrigento
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The Archaeological Regional Museum of San Nicola, established in 1967, one of the most prestigious in Sicily, holds an exceptional collection of finds from Agrigento and its territory, all displayed in a creative and visually pleasing way. The most outstanding are the vase collection, the dinos with the oldest representation of the Trinacria, the colossus Telamon (7.61 metres) from the Temple of Zeus, and the valuable sculptural work known as Efebo di Agrigento, the gargoyle in the form of a lion head, the Greek and Roman sarcophagi, and the magnificent crater from Gela depicting the Amazzonomachia and the Centauromachia, in a room entirely dedicated to it.
The museum is also home to numerous and prestigious cultural events: conferences, concerts, exhibitions. Its garden has recently been enriched with the sculptures of Greg Wyatt dedicated to Empedocle: distinguished citizen and philosopher of the Greek Akragas. In the immediate vicinity of the Museum you can find: the medieval Church of St. Nicola, hosting the sarcophagus of Fedra (one of the greatest expressions of Roman sculpture in Sicily), the ekklesiasterion with the characteristic form of an amphitheater (place of public meetings in the Greek Akragas) and the small Roman temple, traditionally called Oratory of Falaride. In front of the Museum there is access to the Hellenistic-Roman Quarter.


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