Natural Reserve of Torre Salsa
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Welcome to the Colleverde Park Hotel

The Natural Reserve of Torre Salsa, introduced in June 2000 and managed by the WWF, covers a long stretch of unspoilt and wild coastline that, together with the surrounding area, covers 740 hectares. In addition to the crystalline sea teeming with diverse varieties of fish, there is a wealth of rare plants: acacia, Aleppo pine, tamarisk and euphorbia. In the wetland reserve called "pantano", a variety of wildlife make their home, including the"Gallinelle d’aqua" and Tuffetto coot, as well as colonies of the beautiful multicolored gruccione. The famous loggerhead sea turtle, known as "caretta caretta", spawns here in a place amongst the sand dunes, it considers it to be an ideal habitat.


Location and contacts

Thanks to its magnificent location, Colleverde Park Hotel is an oasis of peace and tranquility in the middle of everything. The hotel, in fact, is situated between the historic center of the city and the Valley of the Temples, with perfect impartiality.

Where we are


Colleverde Park Hotel     

 Via Panoramica dei Templi - 92100 Agrigento
 GPS: Via Portulano 1
 Tel: (+39) 0922 29 555 - Fax: (+39) 0922 29 012

The property is located:
  • 1.800 mt. from the historical and commercial city
  • about 400 mt. the archaeological museum, the medieval church of San Nicola and the Hellenistic Roman Quarter
  • about 2 km from the entrances to the archaeological area (Temple of Hera and the Temple of Hercules)
  • in the immediate vicinity of the hotel include: a cinema, a church, a library, a newsstand, two bars, a pastry shop and two restaurants

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